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Incarnate finds your avatars around the web, so you don’t have to upload a new one every time you join a service or leave a comment.

Input your @username below to get started.

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We use the following services to find your avatar:

Twitter Facebook Gravatar MySpace Xbox Live YouTube

Download Incarnate now.

Like what you see above? It is a breeze to add the Incarnate experience to your website!

The Incarnate WordPress Plugin

Download and install the Incarnate WordPress plugin to seamlessly integrate Incarnate with your current blog comments. Allow users to easily add their avatar from popular social-networks—and keep their existing online incarnation alive.
The Incarnate WordPress Plugin

Incarnate For BlogEngine.NET

Download this update to BlogEngine.NET 1.6 to use Incarnate with your current blog comments. It works with both XML and SQL based storage.

Site not on WordPress or BlogEngine.NET? We've got you covered.

  1. Simply click the link below
  2. With your download, you’ll get a sample that shows how to use Incarnate on a web page
  3. Once a user selects an avatar, a URL to that image will be saved in a hidden variable with the ID of IncarnateIMGSRC
  4. Your web developer will need to capture that form variable when the user submits the form; then he/she’ll need to store the image so it can be displayed later
  5. Your developer might also want to store the image in a cookie, so the user doesn’t have to re-select the avatar when he/she uses the site later

Incarnate is powered in-part by Windows Azure.

How does Incarnate work?

When you add your username or email address, Incarnate uses Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Xbox Live or YouTube to find your avatars around the web. Behind the scenes, Incarnate is a REST service hosted in Windows Azure available for anyone to use. To learn more about it, go here.

Customize It.

Incarnate is fully customizeable and fits seamlessly into your blog. Just tweak the CSS and/or HTML as you see fit.

More info on customization